Quality Transmission Components

Quality Transmission Components' selection of off-the-shelf power transmission components includes almost 13,000 items including: Metric Spur Gears, Metric Helical Gears, Metric Rings Gears (Internal and External), Metric Racks (Straight, Helical, and Flexible), Metric Miter Gears (Straight and Spiral), Metric Bevel Gears (Straight and Spiral), Metric Screw Gears, Metric Worm Gears and Worm Wheels (Standard and Duplex), Metric Ratchets and Pawls, Metric Gear Couplings, Metric Involute Splines (Internal and External) and Metric Gearboxes. These products are offered in sizes from module 0.5 thru module 10, in materials that include alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum bronze, brass, cast bronze, nylon, and acetal.

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